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FERGAS SOUTH EUROPE: your moving air company

Fergas South Europe is the Company born from  the acquisition of Emmevi S.r.l by the Fergas Group. Emmevi has become an integral part of the global Fergas Group and key in the plans for growth, particularly in the south of Europe. Fergas has facilities in Sweden, Italy, the USA through Beckett Air and southern China. The Fergas Group has now over 300 employees and makes over 12 million air moving products per year.

Emmevi's position in the Italian and southern European markets, its strong customer base, professional staff and product range matches perfectly with that of the Fergas global product offering .

Emmevi has deep roots as it’s origins date back to early 1950’s.
Founded as an individual concern, specialized in shearing and drawing of sheet metal, in the early 1970’s it started to manufacture electromechanical components, in particolar small axial, centrifugal and tangential fans.
From here anwards, it is a story of research, quality and technology which is today espressed in over 1000 product variants and export to more than 20 different countries all over the world.
The company Designs makes and sells small 2-pole induction motors (for industrial applications) as well as small fans, pursuing strategies of low costs and productives flexibility to meet the customization requirements of customers.
The products manufactured differ mainly in typology of ventilation: ventilation in environmental conditions (standard), ventilation for heating (warm) and ventilation for cooling (cold).
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